About Me

Hi Im Sophie. I am - The Midwife - Malaga. I work as an English Indepenedent Midwife along the Costa Del Sol from Almuñecar through to Marbella. I offer complete packages of antenatal care and postnatal care to english speaking women and their families. I also offer the choice of having your baby at home with the option of a water birth.


I provide care to women who do not feel comfortable with the spainish maternity system or for women who wish to have their entire care provided by the same English, experienced Midwife. I guarentee continuity, taking you step by step through your pregnancy safely and with a much more personal approach.  My aim is to give you the highest quality of care, making your pregnancy and birth as special  and as safe as can be.


Bachelor of Science Honours Degree (BSc Hons) - Midwifery

I qualified as a Midwife in 2010 from The University of Greenwich in London. I commenced my training in 2006 and spent 4 years completing the European Directives as part of my Midwifery Degree,  qualifying with a Bachelor Of Science Honours Degree (BSc Hons).


My Experience  - Labour Ward

Since qualifying I have worked mainly as a labour ward Midwife. Working as part of the team at The Princess Royal University Hospital (Bromley, London), now known as Kings College London NHS Foundation Trust. Throughout my time working as a busy labour ward midwife, I gained invaluable experience caring for low risk women and their families, through to very high risk patients needing extremely specialised care.


Working as a labour ward midwife in a busy Maternity Unit helped me gain the experience and skills needed to deal with and manage accordinly a whole array of emergency situations. This has enabled me to become the Midwife I am today. Confident in dealing with multiple emergency situations that can sometimes arise throughout child birth, caring, compassionate, thorough, safe, trusting and above all else understanding to the needs of women throughout pregnancy and childbirth.


my experience has shown me that Childbirth is one of the most powerful life experiences a woman undergos. Simply by having a midwife’s full support, you can tap into enormous reserves of strength during the birth process and learn that you are capable of so much more than you realised – a valuable discovery as you become a mother.


While working as a midwife on labour ward many of my patients were ´high risk´, and needed to have medical input to provide the best care. I was lucky enough to work alongside a number of highly specialised Consultant Obstetricians. This gave me a vast insight into obstetrics and taught me much about conditions that can arise throughout pregnancy and birth and also how to care for women with these conditions. It has also given me the experience of advising and caring for women with underlying health concerns before becoming pregnant. I can advise you on the best plan of care, most suited for your individual needs.

My Academic Studies

Mentorship Programme

Following completion of my Midwifery Degree I then continued my academic qualifications to enable and better my carreer as a midwife. Within the fisrt year after qualifying as a midwife I completed The Mentorship Programme, again, at The University of Greenwich. This course enabled me to become a Mentor to student midwives and allowed me to teach them while they were completing their labour ward placements as part of their training.  This ensured I remained up to date with the latest evidence regarding midwifery care and also allowed me to teach the skills I had gained to others. This was a role I enjoyed and found great satisfaction in.  

High Dependency Care (HDU)

Care of the Critically Ill woman in Childbearing Course (Level 7)

After two years of working as part of the team on labour ward, which predominantly provides care to High risk patients, I chose to complete the ´Care of the Crtically Ill woman in Childbearing´ course, this time at masters level. This course enables a midwife to detect and manage accordinly the complications that can arise in pregnancy and childbirth. It teaches you as a midwife how to provide the most appropriate care to critally sick women and their babies as well as notice the early signs and symptoms of complications.  Ensuring  the woman recieves  the best care and attention needed to ensure her and her baby remain safe and as healthy as possible. Although these complications are rare for most, they can occur. Having a midwife that is trained to notice the early warnings of such complications and is able to manage and deal with them in a timely manner, can undoubably prove to give the mother and her baby the best outcome.

Non Medical Prescribing Course - V300 Nurse Prescribing Qualification 

I have also completed the Non Medical Prescribing course, at The London Southbank University. This qualification allows Nurses and Midwives to legally Prescribe medication with the same prescribing capabilities as a Doctor. This course qualifies me to make clinical decisions regarding medicines and allows the ability to diagnose common conditions related with midwifery as well as common conditions outside of pregancy.

This qualification is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Women are truly remarkable, courageous, brave and inspiring when child bearing. Being granted the chance to share this on a daily basis and to be a part of their experience genuinely makes me feel honoured and priviledged.  

Working For an Award Winning Birth Centre

Although my main position as a midwife was held working on labour ward. I was lucky enough to also spend time working as part of a small team of midwives running an award winning Birthing Centre - The Oasis Birthing Centre (Bromley, London). Working as a birth centre midwife enabled me to provide care to low risk women and their families while in Labour using minimal intervention. The use of water as a form of analgesia (pain relief) has proven, not just in the literature, but in practice,  to be extremely effective and a much more calming experience for both mother and baby. I am very experienced in providing care to women who choose to labour and/or birth in the water and personaly find the experience extremely rewarding, calming and is an aspect of childbirth I am extremely passionate about.


For women who are catagorised as having a ´low risk´pregnancy, there is ample evidenece to  suggest minimal intervention (No need for large hospital monitors and mothers being restricted to the hospital bed, unable to mobolise), the use of water, and allowing the mother to mobolise freely while in labour has many benefits for both mother and baby, and the progression of  your labour.


I am able to provide the latest evidence surrounding these topics to any mother who may be considering water birth or homebirth, and would be very happy to meet and discuss the topics in further detail.  


For mothers who choose to give birth in the hospital setting I can provide to you the latest evidence and clinical guidelines surrounding the best practices and the best advice regarding positioning in labour, forms of pain relief etc.... These topics are all covered in depth as part of my antenatal classes.