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Water Birth



The relaxing effect of water, with its support and warmth, can help you through massivley your labour. Evidenece and experience has shown that the use of water for women while in active labour has multiple benefits for both mother and baby.


  • Your contractions may lose their rhythm if you become tense. This means that your labour may stop and start without moving on. Being bathed in water helps you to relax and feel calm and helps you work with your body and contractions. you will release less of the stress hormone (Adrenaline) which can effect the strength and regularity of your contractions, therefore slowing down labour. With less Adrenaline your body is able to produce more Oxytocin (the labour hormone). This stimulates your body to have stronger, regular contractions. This is exactly what you need to be able to birth your baby without intervention.  


  • Being relaxed also helps you to breathe calmly. It means you're less likely to take short, shallow breaths, which can make the pain of contractions worse. Having a slow, relaxed breathing technique  helps you cope with the contractions one by one. you inhale more oxygen which is suppied to your uterus, allowing it to contract well and to your baby reducing the chances of your baby becoming distressed.


  • Your body will also release more endorphins. These are the hormones that help you cope with pain and the contractions. A birth pool provides the perfect private nest for you to labour in. This will help you feel in control of yur body and your labour.


  • Once you're immersed in the warm waters of the pool, you're in your own world and can labour undisturbed. If the lights are dimmed and the room is quiet the effect will be heightened. It will help you to feel more in tune with your labour.


  • The water buoys you up and makes you feel lighter. It's easy for you to move about, so you can make yourself comfortable. The best position for you is likely to be one that helps your baby move most easily through your pelvis.


  • A useful position for labour is to  keep your knees lower than your hips. But you can easily adopt lunge positions in the pool too (one knee down, one knee up). This helps some babies to descend.


  • Being in warm water can make it easier for you to cope with the pain of contractions. It's just the same as having a bath to soothe a tummy ache or back ache.




Using a birth pool for labour gives mothers a positive experience with most mums wanting to use one again when they have their next baby.




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Water birth is an ideal way to birth and labour for low risk women who have experienced an uncomplicated pregnancy. If there is no need for continual monitoring or intervention the birthing pool is available to all mothers wishing to use it. There are many companies to hire the pools from for a period of time close to your due date. This means you will have the pool in your home ready for use when you go into labour. If you need further information on how to arrange this Please contact me and I will be pleased to help.  

Watch This amazing waterbirth at home to give you a sence of how calming and relaxed it can be.