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Packages of Care

Initial Meeting Appointment –

This includes early pregnancy information pack , as well as a ''pregnancy step by step guide'' to take you through each stage of your pregnancy and a set of hand held maternity records                                


Full Antenatal Appointment 

One off appointment or additional appointment added to a package of care                                                                                          


Full Antenatal Package Offer

This includes the initial meeting appointment as well as full antenatal checks at 16 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 32 weeks ,34 weeks, 36 weeks , 38 weeks ,39 weeks ,40 weeks and if needed 41 weeks pregnant. The 40 week and 41 week appointment will include a Membrane Sweep (internal examination to help stimulate the body’s hormonal release which helps to start labour)                                                                                  



(For More information  on homebirth - Please see HomeBirth - Listed under "services")


If you are planning to have a homebirth I will be ‘on call’  for you, 24 hours a day  from when you are 37 weeks pregnant until the day you go into labour.  The homebirth package consists of telephone support and assessment while in early labour , offering advice on how to monitor your contraction rate , and coping strategies for early labour. Once the active stage of labour is apparent I will attend to you at home and provide full intra-partum care, closely monitoring you and your baby’s wellbeing, as well as offer you support and guidance on how to aid the progression of labour.  Entonox (gas and air)  will be provided if needed, as well as the option of using multiple non invasive methods of pain relief to help you deliver your baby safely at home. Full medical emergency equipment and emergency drugs , for both mother and baby , will be available should any rare or unexpected events occur. A full check will be completed on both mother and baby once you have given birth and if sutures (stitches) are required these will be done using local anaesthetic immediately following the birth. It is also an option for your baby to receive his or her first injection of vitamin K, this will also be available following the birth if parents wish for their baby to have this.


I will stay with the mother and baby following delivery for as long as needed to ensure they are safe and well before leaving you in the comforts of your own home ,as a new family. I will be available for telephone advice and support following your homebirth and will return to see you the following day. Your first postnatal visit will be included in the price of the Home Birth Package

(full payment will be needed by 36 weeks)                                                                  



Post natal visits -  (For More information on Postantal Care - Please see Postnatal Care - Listed Under "services")


One off appointment or additional appointment added to a package of care                                                                                                  


Postnatal Package Following homebirth


This package will include a full postnatal check for both mother and baby on day 5, day 8 and again on day 11



Postnatal Package for Hospital births

This package will include a home visit the day

after having your baby (or day after being discharged from the hospital) , again on day 5, day 8 and day 11.                                                          



(For more information on what is included with each Antenatal appointment, please see antenatal care - listed under ''services'')