the midwife - pregnancy bump on brown background

Antenatal Classes

early pregnancy class -  either in the comfort of your own home or as part of a small group. Giving you the oppurtunity to meet other couples and discuss how your pregnancy is progressing.  This class is to educate couples on what to expect throughout your pregnancy, the ´Do´s´and the ´Dont´s´ and how to maintain your health throughout your entire pregnancy.



Thinking of having a Home Birth?  

Contemplating homebirth is sometimes a difficult decision to make when you may not be aware of the facts.  by attending this class either as a small group or arrange an individual meeting in the comforts of your own home, you will get the chance to discuss the benefits of having your baby at home.




Preparation for Labour and Birth. What to expect ?

this class is open for anyone and at any stage of pregnancy .  it is ideal for couples to attend as it will prepare both yourself and your partner for when the time comes for you to have your baby. Topics discussed will include the different stages of labour, what to expect when labour starts, when to recognise when you are in active labour, signs to look out for, pain relief, coping strategies, positioning in labour and will also cover caesarean section  just so that you are fully prepared and feel comfortable for every eventuality.


(This Class is usually run over 2 sessions as there is much to cover)




Breastfeeding Class

This class will teach you all you wish to know about breastfeeding. We will discuss the benifits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby, as well as demonstrate positioning and attachment. This class will enable you to understand the importance of breastfeeding and will give you the confidence to breastfeed as soon as your baby arrives.