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Antenatal Care

Initial Meeting.

Once you find out you are pregnant we will need  to arrange a ´initial meeting appointment.'  This first appointment will be an opportunity for you to meet with me to discuss any questions you may have and for me to give you the information you will need to get your pregnancy off to the best start.

In order to provide you with the best care and advice I will need to take a detailed medical history from you and your partner, as well as check your general health.  At this appointment I will


                      - provide you with diatry advice,

                      - advice on keeping active in pregnancy,

                      - vitamin and supplement advice,

                      - check your blood pressure        

                      - test a urine sample

                      - take a variety of blood tests.

                      - explain to you what happens next.

                      - answer any questions you or your    

                        partner may have


The Routine Appointments in Pregnancy

Following your 'initial meeting' appointment you will need to be seen again  when you are,

                           - 16 weeks pregnant,

                           - 24 weeks,

                           - 28 weeks,

                           - 32 weeks,

                           - 34 weeks,

                           - 36 weeks,

                           - 38 weeks, 

                           - 39 weeks

                           - 40 weeks.

At each appointment I will check your general health by closely monitoring your blood pressure, testing your urine and checking the growth of your baby. Your baby´s heartbeat will also be monitored at each appointment.


In addition, you will need to have ultrasound scans throughout your pregancy. These are usually done in early pregnancy to determine how many weeks pregnant you are (dating scan), then again between 11-13 week, and again around 20 weeks. These scans will need to be done either at your local clinic, or at your local hospital. Advice can be given if you are unsure of how to arrange these scans.


Routine Blood tests are also needed throughout your pregnancy (in early pregnancy and then again at 28 weeks and 37 weeks) These tests can either be completed by your midwife or she can advise you where to go to have these tests done.


Prices will be made available to you.